"What is Wardywall?"

Wardywall is the first item from a new serie of unique room accessories for your home. And a big range of other products is coming soon.

"What is special about it?"

"If you hate untidiness, Wardywall is your part. It is the first wall wardrobe with an integrated coat hanger magazine.


And it is flexible. Whether you need space for just two or three jackets, or for quite a lot, Wardywall always offers the right solution".

"Who is behind Wardywall?"

"Wardywall is a new project by award-winning Swiss designer Andre Gilli. At the same time the project should support small family-enterprises and workshops for disabled and handicaped people.

"Where can i buy it?"

"Wardywall will be launched on crowdfounding. It's the best way to realize new ideas. For me it's a free market place for free people. But we can only be successfull with your support. If you like it, stay with us!"

"How much does it cost"

"You can get it directly from the "factory" and then the regular selling price is USD 690 .-- .


Typically, designer furniture is ridiculously expensive   if you buy it with the traditional sale by agents,  distributors and retailers. This would cost about  USD 1500.-- or more. But that is not our way, so seal the deal!

"Wy should i support it?"

"If you need a wardrobe. If you prefer high-quality indivual products to the cheaper bulk goods. If you want to support small and medium businesses. Because these are the basis for prosperity and not money printing. If you love order and surround yourself with beautiful things.


And because you can buy the wardrobe with a big discount of as one of the first  buyers!"


Andrew Gilli

CH-6415 Arth


phone +41 41 855 48 32

mobile +41 79 742 19 30

email info@gillidesign.ch


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